When you surf the Internet like the majority of users you use a search engine like Google or Bing.

However, where these search engines rate your site is a product of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

We can build your site and arrange high quality content so you rate higher with search engines and therefore receive more traffic and sales.

Its very important to keep in mind that Google and other search engine companies will rate your site according to a complex and always evolving formula based on your sites load times, size and quality of content.

If this work is not done correctly your site will rate poorly in search engine results and will simply not be seen by your customers or indeed anybody else except by chance.

We have all come across these “orphaned” sites on the web many costing thousands of dollars and many hours of their creators time but completely useless at attracting search engines and therefore customers and visitors.

If you have noticed a drop off in interest and visitors to your site this could very well be the cause, but it can often be fixed fairly easily.

Web sites just like shop interiors need a revamp and a face lift from time to time, full screen video and new images and graphics mean sites and business sites in particular resemble television advertisements more than traditional web pages, Silicon Dreams has its own video server and plenty of high speed bandwidth so the possibilities for small business owners to present custom engaging content once the preserve of large companies to the public has never been greater.

We do not charge for bandwidth so why not have the site you have always dreamed of?

Engaging content attracts quality engaged customers to your business.