Our servers use only SSD drives and Xeon CPUs matched to DDR4 Ram to supply you with the fastest and most reliable hosting service possible.
We regularly exceed .9995 of up time and have some of the most responsive servers in the industry.
Our video server is also capable of delivering high speed, high quality 4K streams to all visitors to your site, no stuttering and dropped frames and of course NO Youtube adds.
Research shows that most people will not wait 9+ seconds for a site to load the average in Australia, slow sites are sites that no one sees, site load times are also one of the biggest factors in SEO, Google actively punishes slow loading sites in search results.
The average load time for websites hosted in Australia is 9 seconds, we can host your  site with 20 good quality images that will load in 3 to 4 seconds on average using one of our Basic Plans.
If this is not fast enough or you anticipate heavy traffic ie 100+ hits a day choose our fast Business Plan.
Utilising a state of the art Litespeed server with Raid 10 and 2000 Gigabytes of bandwidth coupled with Cloudflare and Railgun we can deliver load times rarely seen in Australia with sites often loading in 2 to 3 seconds on average as measured by or Sucuri.net, or Google, this Cloudflare and Railgun business package is normally charged at $240.00 a month from Cloudflare per site!
Its free for clients on our business plan, you cannot buy faster more secure web hosting in Australia.
We make tools like Sucuri and Google Analytics and monthly performance reports available to our clients so they have an objective standard to measure ours and our competitors performance, if their official business website is slow what hope does yours have?
Why not click the link below and test your current or prospective host, you might be in for a surprise!
Make sure your comparing apples to apples though sites with embedded video like this one can take a couple of seconds longer to load due to calls to the video server.

Dotcom Website Speed