Domain Names

Your choice of domain name is the most significant web site decision you will make, and it will define not just your business activities going forward but your SEO results and future web presence.
Your Domain name should be easy to remember, appropriate to your business activities, short if possible, and if your business is locally based it should contain your locality.

For example is going to lead to more useful SEO results than the later will have to battle for results with all the other Bills out there, and there will be more than you think.

Also try to include a key word for your business in the above examples “fishandchippies” and “fishshop” are both likely to direct custom to Bills fish shop.

If you intend to conduct your business in Bendigo exclusively then is the right choice and on the other hand if you think you will grow big enough to take on the big boys and girls in the food processing industry and sell internationally then could well supply pre frozen fish products to the world.

When I was starting out
I thought about how the Internet is global and that we should have a global name
a name that’s interesting. At that time, the best name was Yahoo!
Suddenly I thought,
Alibaba is a good name.’ Jack Ma

So What Is Cloud Hosting Anyway?
Good question! If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then video is worth 10,000 words ( video is 10.30 minutes long)

Business Email Addresses

I don’t know about you but if I get handed a business card and it has a .gmail or .yahoo email address on it I don’t take it or the person seriously sorry but that’s just the way it is.
The standard practice in the past was to use the email accounts attached to your domain and most people still do this despite the numerous problems attached to it.
Trouble is your emails have no place on your hosting server, they are bulky are a prime target for hackers wanting to use your account for sending “spam” and if the worse happens and the server hosting your site goes “off line” (not a huge problem if you have Cloudflare hooked up as your site will still be up) but you will lose access to your emails for the duration and your ability to send emails and communicate with your clients will be crucial at a time like this.

The domain email account clients  are quite primitive and although reliable are not intuitive and fun to use.

They clog up the server with useless stored emails instead of interesting multimedia and other business enhancing things.

You will never empty your spam and sent folder (statistically I mean) you may be absolutely OCD about this and enjoy sitting on the couch with a bottle of wine as you reread each email and delete it but I bet you don’t.

So to recap  or bad

[email protected] or [email protected]  good

These variations are nearly endless upshot is you can have 15 different email accounts or more attached to your domain all coming to a central email account and from there to your phone in real time 24/7, but when you reply to a billing enquiry for instance they would receive a reply from [email protected] not [email protected]
these variations on the main business account are called aliases.

Solution is go to a private email provider

I use Fastmail  their business plan is cheap $65.00AUD pa and they are super reliable 25gb of data which is a lot of emails and more data can be added seamlessly if required .

Gsuite from Google is very good and costs a similar amount  and will integrate with your other Google accounts seamlessly.

There are of course thousands of email providers in this space just be sure when you choose one that you can use your own domain, there are companies offering very clunky slow solutions in this area because its profitable and a use for end of life servers and hard drives which are cheap to buy, these companies who often offer “free” services like email mine your data (emails) and any information gained  will be sold to third parties and advertisers.

Email is the backbone of your business, free is just to expensive in the long run if it means complete loss of your privacy.

If you are a client I will set up the redirects for you at the domain level its complicated for beginners but I am happy to do it for you and it is part of the service when you purchase a hosting package.

So buy a domain, choose a hosting package, and choose a email provider and generate a list of email addresses you would like to use, if you are not sure start at about five aliases as we can add more later if required.

Remember your email host must allow the use of your domain so do not consider redirects or using their domain, the integrity and safety of your business emails is very very important, not just to your business but your personal life as well as anyone who has had their identity stolen will attest.

Fastmail also supply personal email accounts for US$20.00 a year, these are excellent value and your emails remain private and entirely free of adverts.